Hey I'm Ernest...

An interaction designer based in Belfast. I work on illustrations, web/app interfaces and focus on user experience design.

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Portfolio Projects

Punch & Rise

Punch & Rise is an onboarding-style app for boxing, it's aim is to teach participants about the typical boxing workout before they head to the gym. By doing this, people will have more motivation and there will be a lesser amount of people giving up the sport. By making participants aware of how boxing sessions are conducted, the anxiety of the unknown is no longer there. Creating a community was an important part of the project. Without that the app would not succeed. To accomplish this, I introduced #punchandrise where people would be encouraged to share their workout space and personal progress. Everything from the colour scheme to the font style was considered to make this app energising and youthful, the large font sizes further add to that appeal.

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Do Influencers Have An Impact On Everyday Life?

This project is discussing whether influencers affect people’s lives and in what ways. Influencers have become very popular within the past few years, they are becoming conversation starters. There are people who think influencers only make others lives worse and cause mental health problems. On the other hand, there are those who believe influencers are only here to help. Influencers change people's financial choices through ads, they have a close link to their audiences' mental health and some even create disinformation in relation to politics and other important matters. The future of influencers could change with the rise of virtual influencers. They are already becoming prominent figures with the likes of Lil Miquela who has over 3.1 million followers.

Travel App Screens
Travel App Screens

About Me

In my free time I will be looking for nice locations in Northern Ireland. I love looking/finding out about anything car-related. I'm also a huge fan of sim racing and many other videogame genres. I am always on the lookout for great movies so send me some recommendations!

I Love Cars

I hate Vegetables

Favourite Food Pizza

Favourite Sport Boxing

Favourite Movie Se7en/ Alien/NightCrawler

Favourite Series Naruto/Boruto

Dream Car 1999 Honda Integra Type R

Most Likely To Become Famous For Laughing

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Travel App Screens Travel App Screens Travel App Screens Travel App Screens
Travel App Screens Travel App Screens Travel App Screens Travel App Screens

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